Friday, January 20, 2006

Articles on GATE invited


It has been two exhilirating years in the business, and we did not get enough time to blog. We are inviting articles, to be published in our blog, at our website, or even in the newspapers. So, those sending their articles should not have any objection to getting their material printed by us officially.

You can send articles on any topic. But to help you a bit, we would like to give it some direction. I have collected some of the hottest topics of discussion in our forums and am posting it below. But you may not be limited to this list.

Posting is easy. Just click on 'blog this' at the top of any page and you will be able to send in your comment.

Some of the hot topics:

1. Why M.Tech?
2. IIM vs IITs
3. Entrepreneurship-Is it the forte of only the IIMs
4. Future of M.Tech. in India
5. Future of R&D in India
6. Life at IITs
(Here you can focus on a single IIT also, if you have experience in a single institution. You can write about your institute, which might not be an IIT or NIT)
7. Placement prospects after M.Tech as compared to B.Tech-the changing scenario
8. M.Tech for the poor, MBA for the rich!
9. Placement after M.Tech vs Placement after MBA
10. GRE - does it still have the glamour it had earlier?

Hope that gets you started.

If you think we are inviting real nobel laureates here to post in our forums, think again. We are inviting general reactions on various topics that torment people when they choose higher education. And you are welcome to post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want the full details about the 10 hot topics which is given in the main menu . my id is
thank u

6:24 PM, April 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thrilling experience!!

I am impressed by yr intiatives taken.

Please find my email as

I will get back to u with many articles,by now and then.


3:30 PM, June 28, 2007  

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